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Regular Exercise Equals Better Sex

Regular Exercise Equals Better Sex

This happens all the time!

By now just about everyone knows that regular exercise can make you feel better, live longer and improve your appearance and self esteem. But did you know that regular kick-ass workouts can actually improve your sex life as well?

Everyone knows that sex is a wonderful recreational activity and that it is a hell of a lot more fun than power walking or step aerobics. One sexual encounter of 20-30 minutes can burn 100-300 calories, the equivalent of running three miles. While that is a longer time than most people engage in such activity, any exercise, whether inside or outside the bedroom will improve your sex life. Weight training using multi-joint exercises like the bench press, squat, bent over row and dead lifts have proven to increase testosterone production. Thirty to forty minutes of brisk cardio 2 – 4 times a week can strengthen your heart and lungs and build stamina. So rev up your engine, stud, get to the gym and your efforts will pay off in the sack!

The therapeutic value of sex is as important as its physical value. Sex is a great way to blow off steam and relieve tension . Sure, recreational sex is fun, but sex with someone you are committed to and care about promotes companionship and emotional satisfaction. Having someone to come home to at night is great security. When that special someone can also press your buttons in all the right ways in bed you’ve got the perfect combination for a lifetime mate.

Sex is great for your cardiovascular health. Maintaining good blood flow will promote sexual health and sexual activity promotes a well-flowing vascular system. So keep the juices flowing through those pipes and you’ll feel better and live longer.

Optimal sexual performance is directly related to the over-all health of your entire body. Michael Roizen in his book, “You: The Owner’s Manual” lists several important nutrients for your sexual health and well being. As with any medication, mineral or supplement, always check with your physician before you take any of these substances .

Selenium, a mineral found in foods like garlic, has been shown to increase prostate health and decrease the risk of related cancer. Don’t over do it – an optimal amount is 200 micrograms daily of supplementation.

Vitamins E and C have beneficial results for the sexual health of both men and women. Vitamin E is perhaps the best anti-oxidant and anti-aging agent known to man and it has been shown to decrease the risks of prostate and testicular cancers. Vitamin C, which is crucial to a healthy, resilient immune system, will increase both sperm production and motility.

Lycopene is another wonderful nutrient which aids in decreasing prostate cancer and reducing arterial aging. Lycopene is best consumed through simple spaghetti sauce and red wine. Who would have guessed that a romantic dinner at your favorite Italian restaurant can actually make you a better lover?

Omega-3 fats, folate and B vitamins have been shown to help increase fertility in both men and women – improving sperm motility in men. Omega-3 fatty acids are plentiful in fresh, cold water fish like salmon, halibut and tilapia. A good B complex vitamin is great for boosting metabolism and preventing the ravages of stress and hard living. This gem of a vitamin is also good at relieving hang overs!

Besides working out, doing your cardio and supplementation, here are a few more suggestions to help you remain a sexy, horny, healthy beast:

  1. Men over 50 schedule a prostate exam. Those with a family history of prostate disease should have an exam starting at 40.
  2. Cut back on your intake of coffee, black tea and colas – all of which contain methylxanthines – to help prevent cysts in the prostate and testicles.
  3. Quit smoking! Cigarettes not only make your breath and skin stink, they also increase your real age by eight years. You’re already lying about your age, so you don’t need cigarettes to suck all the collagen out of your face making you look even older than you are.
  4. Finally, get naked and look into the mirror. Appreciate your body. You don’t need to be a Colt model or Falcon Exclusive to take care of it. Look after that sexy bod and that boyfriend of yours will keep looking and loving it, too!

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